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Night Trap to get surprise re-release, complete with physical PS4 edition

Wait. What?

Night Trap, the infamous, and infamously bad, full-motion video game from 1992, is getting a 25th anniversary re-release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring. We are just as surprised as you are.

You can watch the trailer for the upcoming game, complete with a look at the physical packaging, above.

Limited Run Games is handling the physical release, with three different covers. Because why not reference each of the U.S. Sega CD versions of the game?

The last we had heard of Night Trap was during an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign to raise $330,000 to re-release the game on modern consoles back in 2014. Pricing for the new game has not been announced.

There is a Night Trap theme song, and you can download it right now and listen to it and wonder why you have downloaded the song and are now listening to it. Night Trap is being re-released by Screaming Villains, a game developer located in northern Kentucky that says it has at least one other game being released this year.

Night Trap was ultimately ported to a number of platforms after controversy over the game’s violent and “sexual” content led to Sega temporarily pulling it from store shelves. The game was cited as one of the reasons for the creation of the ESRB in 1994.

The re-release has been rated Teen for violence, blood and suggestive themes.