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One of Prometheus’ biggest questions has been answered before Alien: Covenant

So that’s what happened

One of the biggest questions fans have about the fate of a particular character from Prometheus has been answered just weeks before the release of Alien: Covenant.

[Warning: The following contains some spoilers for the end of Prometheus.]

In honor of Alien Day, 20th Century Fox has released a new prologue episode that examines the fate of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, played by Noomi Rapace. At the end of Prometheus, Dr. Shaw took off with a severely injured David in an engineering ship. Although the film never confirmed it, the natural assumption made by most fans was that Dr. Shaw was killed by his hands.

The new prologue finally gives us an answer as to what exactly happened in between that moment in Prometheus and the events of Alien: Covenant. In a scene that seems to mirror the events of Prometheus’ opening scene, David can be seen being put back together by Shaw. Even after the devastating events that occurred in Prometheus, Shaw’s sense of humanity and compassion overrides anything else. Knowing this, David manipulates his way into Shaw’s good graces and heads back to the engineers’ home base.

David, however, won’t let us forget that he’s sinister at heart anytime soon. He manages to convince Shaw to enter a hyperbaric sleep chamber, promising to wake her up when they arrive on the engineers’ planet. With David left to his own devices, his true ambitions come through. We won’t ruin the rest of the video as it’s much better enjoyed going in blind, but Fox’s answer to the question about what happened to Shaw ends on a chill-inducing note.

This is the second prologue that Fox has released ahead of Covenant. Whether or not the material seen in the video above will make it into the final cut is to be determined. Most of the footage from Fox’s last prologue, which focused on our new group of ragtag explorers, won’t actually appear Covenant. There’s a chance that this will, based on how important it seems to bridging the stories, but it could also just be a stand-alone featurette for fans to enjoy.

Alien: Covenant, the second installment in Scott’s new prequel trilogy of sorts, will be released on May 19.

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