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A terrible Switch game gets a new script, and it only makes things worse

Vroom in the Night Sky’s script is terrible, even after a patch

There aren’t enough Nintendo Switch games out yet to really call one out as terrible, but we’re going to do it anyway: Vroom in the Night Sky, a Japanese eShop release, is terrible. It gained notoriety in March as both the most poorly reviewed game on the console and the Switch game with the most egregiously bad translation.

As Legends of Localization discovered, a new translation that accompanied the game’s Western release doesn’t solve the problem. That’s despite developer Poisoft promising buyers ahead of the patch that it would specifically fix the poor English script.

Turns out that, although some of the changes help clear things up, Vroom in the Night Sky is still a largely inscrutable game. The video above shows off just how terrible this Japanese-to-English translation was and still is, and Legends of Localization also added a gallery of comparison shots to further highlight that.

Here are some key examples of just how bad Vroom in the Night Sky’s English-language script remains. In the original version of the action game, we have this:

Legends of Localization

Since the April update, the script now reads as follows:

That is definitely not how you spell “radar,” Poisoft.
Legends of Localization

It’s a subtle change, and one that actually is worse than the original script. The original game didn’t have a word misspelled; now it does.

Vroom in the Night Sky’s dialogue made for some real awkward moments before the update:

Legends of Localization

Those moments get ever so slightly less uncomfortable — but again, there’s a big ol’ typo in there now.

Legends of Localization

Vroom in the Night Sky is an eShop exclusive; it’s available for $9.99. Between the bad reviews and awful script, it’s a hard game to recommend.

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