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Irony trips up speedrunner during his world record Mario attempt

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Darbian sets a new world record after trying, dying and trying again


“Darbian” is well-known to speedrunning enthusiasts as one of the best in the biz. The holder of several speedrun world records, he’s made a name for himself as a huge Super Mario fan with an incredible sense of calm. This week, as he persevered to reclaim his number title for Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, Darbian made it clear what the real trick to being a speedrunning champ is.

Throughout the past week, Darbian has been streaming his Warpless 8-4 speedruns through The Lost Levels, keeping the community rapt despite his repeated trials and errors. When it comes to that category of speedrun, the top three record-holders have mere seconds dividing their best times. Darbian wanted to close the gap even further, shaving more seconds off his previous 22-minute, 20-second run.

One of his failed attempts resulted in this fantastic clip, in which he tries to stay level-headed while running through the same game over and over again. Darbian is a trusted streamer, so when he’s playing a game and offers advice, you take it.

But the irony here is delicious:

“You only need confidence,” Darbian says when he gets to world 4-4. Mario speeds through the level without a care. “See? It’s easy.”

He then promptly dies. Resetting the game, Darbian says — never changing his tone — that “you just need patience. That’s all you need.”

It’s good advice, and it clearly worked out once he put it into practice. Earlier today, Darbian managed to set that new world record, bringing his time way down to 22 minutes and five seconds.

That breezy, patient run is archived on Twitch for your viewing pleasure. Stick around after the world record run ends for Darbian’s commentary, which is as hilarious as fans would expect from one of speedrunning’s most engaging figures.

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