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Japan’s already getting hot, exclusive New 2DS XL systems

We want this special Dragon Quest handheld so badly

Square Enix/Nintendo

The West’s lack of love for the Dragon Quest franchise rarely has much of an effect on our daily lives. Today, that is far from the case, because there’s some sleek as hell Dragon Quest-branded consoles on their way that Western fans will likely never get a chance to buy.

Nintendo only revealed its new Nintendo 3DS form factor — the New Nintendo 2DS XL, a larger revision of the 3D-less Nintendo 2DS system — last night, but Square Enix already has a limited edition version in the pipeline. Launching July 29 in tandem with Dragon Quest 11 on Nintendo 3DS, this black-and-silver handheld has a metallic Slime on its face.


It’s an absolutely gorgeous piece of hardware, even without any interest in Dragon Quest. But because our Western collective interest in Dragon Quest is so low, we aren’t getting our hopes up on this New 2DS XL color heading overseas any time soon.

Square Enix also has this beautiful Dragon Quest-themed PlayStation 4 at the ready, since Dragon Quest 11 is the rare game to release as a PS4 and 3DS exclusive.

Yet another beautiful system we can’t buy.
Square Enix via PlayStation Blog

We’re used to missing out on some gorgeous limited edition PS4 hardware at this point. It’s going to take us a little while to get over the fact that we won’t be able to walk into a store and buy every beautiful New Nintendo 2DS XL system ever released.

The handheld arrives stateside July 28 for $149.99 in one color scheme: blue and turquoise.

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