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Conan O’Brien is let down by his first Clueless Gamer VR experience

“The whole point of virtual reality is to get it on”

Conan O’Brien took a trip into virtual reality on this week’s new Clueless Gamer segment for the first time, and he’s never been so disappointed.

“My theory, and I’ve said this before, is that all VR is going to take us one place: virtual reality sex,” O’Brien said, just prior to learning that the game he’d be playing is pretty much the opposite of sexy.

The game this “clueless gamer” was playing was Wilson’s Heart, now on Oculus Rift. It’s a pretty shocking choice for someone who has such strong preconceived notions about what VR should be used for: Wilson’s Heart stars a graying man in his sixties, and the entire game is set in black and white.

O’Brien’s snark feels especially pointed this time around. Disappointed by the lack of totally immersive, sexy action, the late night host struggles to find pleasure from Wilson’s Heart darker, slower paced adventures. It’s pretty adorable to see him get excited about figuring out the Oculus Touch controllers well enough to pick something up in-game without immediately dropping it, at least.

Watching O’Brien spend seven minutes in VR is a perfect fit for his Clueless Gamer antics, so even if he didn’t love the Oculus Rift — although he did have positive things to say about how impressive Wilson’s Heart is by the end — we’d be surprised if he doesn’t give it another go for the segment sometime soon.