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Arms’ newest fighter is a disgusting, sensual green blob

Meet the terrifying Helix

The cast of Nintendo Switch fighting game Arms is stuffed with cute, cleverly designed characters. From the adorable Ribbon Girl to the shuriken-man-bunned Ninjara, there’s a lot to love in the colorful cast. And then there’s Helix, the Voldo of Arms.

Helix — named DNA Man in Japan — is a pulsating, green blob with DNA strand-like arms. He’s armed with throbbing fists of blue goo. He’s the terrifying amalgamation of an inflatable wavy tube man and Flubber. And we can’t wait to play as this horrific, man-made monster.

According to Nintendo UK’s YouTube channel, Helix was created by the scientists at ARMS Laboratories, Inc. who clearly didn’t think about the moral implications of giving green slime sentience and pugilistic prowess. As you can see in the gameplay video above, Helix can stretch and squish and shrink, even more so than the rest of the Arms roster. Helix also has one hell of a dodge.

Arms is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 16. Here’s a closer look at Helix, seemingly in the throes of pure gelatinous existence ecstasy.

Helix from Arms

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