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Nintendo makes the only company handbook you’d ever want to read

Uh, don’t tell HR we said that

nintendo switch company handbook Ninty Memories/Twitter

This year’s edition of Nintendo’s Japanese handbook serves as a beautiful reminder of all the games and projects Nintendo has on the docket for 2017. Pictures made it online this week after employees at the company’s Kyoto, Japan-based headquarters received the book in-person. Based on what we’ve seen, it’s a stunning look at the year to come.

There’s some wonderful The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild art; illustrations based on Super Mario Odyssey; pictures from the upcoming brawler Arms; and several works based on Splatoon 2.

There’s also some more conceptual work inspired by Nintendo’s biggest achievement of the year thus far: the Nintendo Switch, the console responsible for all of the games above.

This year’s company handbook — which really looks more like a fun, nostalgic yearbook than any kind of employee guide that we’ve ever received — includes a lineup of every Nintendo hardware released from 1889 to 2017, and the Switch is the capper. It’s kind of cool to look back at just how far Nintendo’s come from then to now, from hanafuda cards in the late 1800s to the hybrid home and handheld console of today.

Past iterations of the company handbook have been just as fun to look at. Nintendo Everything has collected images of them every year since 2013, making this one of the company’s coolest, lesser known traditions. Those interested in picking them up for themselves should check out eBay; they’re known to turn up there.

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