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Zelda: Breath of the Wild is playable at 4K ... on the PC

Wii U emulator makes Breath of the Wild look amazing

The Wii U and Nintendo Switch versions of Zelda: Breath of the Wild run at either 720p or 900p resolutions depending on whether the Switch is docked or not, but some fresh updates to Wii U emulator CEMU allow the game to be played at much higher resolutions if you have the hardware to power it.

You can watch the game being played in 4K in the video above, and be sure to stream the video in full resolution if you have the connection to support it. Spoiler warning: Breath of the Wild looks very, very good running in 4K.

The creator of the video is running the game with the system below, and there are extensive notes on how to adjust the CEMU settings in the video description:

  • i7 6700k overclocked to 4.3ghz
  • Nvidia 1070 class card
  • Corsair h110i AIO
  • 16GB of GSkill Ripjaws RAM overclocked to 2400 MHz

There is also a thread in the CEMU subreddit dedicated to getting the best framerates possible in the emulated version of Breath of the Wild.

There is a question about legality, however. You could argue that purchasing a copy of the game for the Wii U allows you to legally play it via the emulator but, as we’ve discussed in the past, there are rarely cases where the argument for fair use is a slam dunk. There would likely also be a legal distinction between ripping your own copy of the game and downloading someone else’s ripped copy of the game, which makes playing Breath of the Wild in this manner something of a legal risk.

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