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Overwatch teases big announcement coming next week

Fans already mining it for clues

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch's social media is teasing a major revelation for the game coming April 11. Fans have, per the norm, gone bonkers with anticipation.

The teaser went out at the top of the hour on Overwatch's global Twitter account. Already on Reddit, Overwatch fans are picking it apart for clues.

The ability icons of seven heroes are identifiable, and the reference to King's Row invokes a map in the game, one of the first made for the game and available during its beta last year. A rotating 3D model of Tracer also is shown briefly. There’s some kind of a flyer or poster referencing a “mandatory robot registration,” most likely pointing to the Omnic Crisis from Overwatch lore. Last year, the animated short titled “Alive” was released, focusing on the assassination of Mondatta and an ensuing scuffle between Tracer and Widowmaker. The “archive declassification” could potentially reference or flesh out the events of that time as well.

From there, fans speculate that this could be the basis for an in-lore event, potentially some kind of story mode or mission set. That is purely conjecture, however. We'll learn the truth on April 11, which is a week from Tuesday.

Overwatch's 24th and newest hero is Orisa, who joined the game on March 21 with the game's patch 1.9 update.

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