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Mega Man’s new cartoon has found a home

Whether he’ll be allowed in our living room is up for debate

mega man Dentsu Entertainment/DHX Media

Mega Man’s return to TV will air exclusively on Cartoon Network when it premieres stateside. DHX Media and Dentsu Entertainment, the companies producing the show, announced that they’ve partnered with the cartoons-only channel to run the series.

There’s no airdate yet for Mega Man, a show we’ve remained skeptical about since its reveal. The art style clearly diverges from Capcom’s classic action series, as does the story: In Cartoon Network’s Mega Man cartoon, the Blue Bomber is actually a preteen robot boy named Aki Light fighting in the high-tech Silicon Valley. A la Superman and other superheroes, Aki spends half his time trying to be a typical robot boy and the other half living it up as a powerful fighter.

The show is just about to start production this summer at Man of Action Entertainment (Ben 10), so the jury is still out on this new iteration of Mega Man’s quality. At least we still have those Mega Man Battle Network anime to return to if we want to see the hero in animated glory.

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