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Hideo Kojima’s perfectly bizarre explanation of how Death Stranding’s coming along

Please enjoy this very Kojima-esque metaphor

Kojima (center), thinking about Italian food ... probably.
Tribeca Games/Twitch

During his interview at the inaugural Tribeca Games Festival in New York City, Hideo Kojima squirmed through several Death Stranding-based questions he could not answer. But when moderator Geoff Keighley asked a very simple one — how’s production on Death Stranding going? — Kojima gave a wonderfully esoteric answer.

“So far, it’s going pretty well,” the celebrated game designer said of his mysterious PlayStation 4 project, which we most recently saw at the Game Awards 2016.

He could have left it there; in fact, we expected him to. But this is Kojima, who is as verbose as he is inscrutable. He then laid out a metaphor to describe just where Kojima Productions is with its first game.

“Let’s say that Norman’s character is walking in New York,” Kojima began when trying to further explain what the studio is working on.

Before continuing, he clarified: Death Stranding is not set in New York. This was just an analogy.


“We’re trying to see if what we can depict with Decima Engine [the tech powering Death Stranding] actually looks like New York, if it scales correctly and feels good there,” said Kojima.

This is when things actually get ... strange:

“Let’s say the character goes in an Italian restaurant,” he began, further complicating this exercise. “Who the character meets going into the restaurant, what he will be eating, all those details are decided, are set.

“What we’re working on right now is what kind of table will be there, what kind of specific details will be there, what’s on the specific menu for this restaurant.”

Should we expect some Diner Dash-style gameplay from Death Stranding? Will there be abundant, Yakuza-esque restaurants to interact with throughout the world?

Let’s not get our hopes up about either of those; instead, we’ll let Kojima fans try to parse this until the next time we actually see something from Death Stranding.

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