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Persona 5 guide: 4/10 walkthrough

What to do on April 10

That was weird right? Anyway. After you get up, you are going to spend the day hanging out with Sojiro, who is wearing his lounge hat. You are going to end up in the passenger seat of his car (despite the fact that men aren’t allowed in his passenger seat, according to Sojiro) and on your way to school.

Have a dialogue session with the principle and ride back home with Sojiro. He will leave you to it and suggest that you go to bed. But don’t! Instead, wait for the phone to ring. Head downstairs, into the Cafe, and answer it (it is big and yellow and sitting close to the door). It’s Sojiro, and he wants you to flip the sign on the door to closed. Walk out the front door of the Cafe and back in. Now head back upstairs and go to bed. Tomorrow, things get weird.

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