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Overwatch fans think they’ve figured out its next Heroes of the Storm rep

Another hero could be joining Tracer, Zarya and Lucio

Blizzard Entertainment

Heroes of the Storm could soon be getting another Overwatch character: Genji, according to some especially eagle-eyed fans.

The subreddit for Blizzard Entertainment’s franchise-spanning online battle arena game is convinced that Genji is visible in a recent fan video about Heroes of the Storm, shot at Blizzard’s Versailles, France location.

To the average viewer, he’s totally imperceptible; the shot fans say has Genji in it features a blurred-out, faraway screen. But zooming way, way in shows a character selection screen with a portrait that looks a heck of a lot like the cybernetic assassin.

That sure does look a lot like Genji’s standard character select portrait from Overwatch. But when his fellow Overwatch members joined Heroes of the Storm — that would be Tracer, Zarya and Lucio — they got unique, redesigned portraits specifically for the MOBA.

tracer heroes of the storm
Tracer looks a little bit different in Heroes of the Storm.

A portrait alone isn’t enough to convince us that Genji is coming soon, but even before the video’s release, fans found what seems to be proof that he’s heading to Heroes of the Storm.

Last week, players who stopped by the game’s website to sign up for its version 2.0 beta discovered a clear-cut hint in an email sent from the page. It’s since been removed, but screenshots and the character page’s source code specifically cite “the deadly assassin Genji” as a part of Heroes of the Storm’s next wave of features. An Overwatch-themed battleground is also listed among the things to come.

How soon we could see Genji is also up in the air: Heroes of the Storm just got a new character, Cassia from Diablo 2, earlier this month. The game’s website hints that both a new hero and battleground arrive April 17, so Overwatch fans should keep that date in mind.

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