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Trailer for It is far more terrifying with the addition of Mike Myers’ Cat in the Hat

Cats shouldn’t be this scary

The only thing that makes the trailer for Warner Bros. upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s beloved novel It scarier is the appearance of Mike Myers’ disturbing portrayal of Dr. Seuss’ the Cat in the Hat.

Myers played the character in a live-action 2003 film. Critics called his performance adequate, but noted of how disturbing his overall look was. People who ventured out to watch the movie commented on how creepy Myers looked and joked that “therapists across the nation were going to have their hands full” after people saw the movie.

Clearly the creator behind this mashup trailer, YouTube user ButWithout, thought the same thing. The projector scene in particular feels more haunting than it did in the original trailer, which is an accomplishment all on its own. Using Myers, ButWithout manages to make it the original trailer’s scariest scene even more frightening.

This isn’t the first time that The Cat in the Hat has been used to make a trailer scarier, either. In 2015, someone mashed up the trailer for Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook with The Cat in the Hat and the effects were eerily similar. It can be seen in the video above.

It, which has been praised by Stephen King himself, will premiere Sept. 8.

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