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Cities: Skylines comes to Xbox One this month

Launching on the console April 21

Cities Skylines Colossal Order/Paradox Interactive

Cities: Skylines, the acclaimed city-builder from Colossal Order, will launch on Xbox One on April 21, publisher Paradox Interactive announced.

The port, handled by Tantalus Media, was first announced for the console back in August 2015. Cities: Skylines will sell for $39.99 and it will include After Dark, the game’s first expansion. A Windows 10 version will also include After Dark and sell for $39.99.

After Dark added a day-night cycle to the game as well as nightlife infrastructure for city managers to put into their plans. Plans for the game’s other premium DLC, Snowfall and Natural Disasters, were not described. A free DLC pack, Match Day, added sports facilities to the list of buildings.

Cities: Skylines celebrated its two-year anniversary back in March by announcing it had sold 3.5 million copies of the PC, Linux and Mac versions of the game. For more on the game, see our feature from one month after its launch, when it effectively overtook Electronic Arts’ powerhouse SimCity franchise.

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