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Iron Man won’t be in Spider-Man: Homecoming very much at all

You may have already seen all his scenes

The new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming focused a lot of its attention on Peter Parker’s pseudo-father-and-son relationship with Tony Stark, but according to the film’s producer, Iron Man won’t be around much.

Producer Eric Carroll told ScreenRant that Stark is only in about “five or six scenes” total, which means that we may have already seen all of Iron Man’s best bits. While this information may be a bit of a letdown for fans who were looking forward to Civil War Part 2, it does go hand-in-hand with people complaining that the new trailer gave away the entire plot.

That said, actor Tom Holland, who will be donning the web-slinging suit, said that his relationship with Stark does play an integral part in the film, even if he’s offscreen for a large part of it.

“I think we’re seeing the beginning of a sort of father-son relationship,” Holland told ScreenRant. “I think Robert is more like a big brother than he is a father figure because he picks on him and he is down on him quite a lot. It’s a very different side of Stark than you’ve ever seen before.”

This may come as good news for those who rolled their eyes at the emphasis on the inclusion of Iron Man and Captain America (in that one particular scene). While Homecoming will act as, well, a homecoming for Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it won’t be an Avengers movie. Spider-Man will still be the main figure in the film and the story will follow his development.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be released on July 7.