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Nintendo Switch’s best-selling eShop games are missing a big name

Guess everyone decided to buy this cartridge to lick

Nintendo Switch eShop - recent releases Nintendo/YouTube

The Nintendo Switch eShop updated overnight to include a section for best-selling games. One major name missing from the North American store’s top five? The Legend of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ekes onto the list at number seven, with six popular indie games besting it in eShop sales. Snipperclips currently dominates, followed by Snake Pass, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, Fast RMX, Has-Been Heroes and The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+.

The majority of these games are exclusive to the digital shop, so we’re not so surprised that they make up the bulk of the list’s top half. Plus, with all that talk of how awful Nintendo Switch cartridges tasted right around the console’s launch, of course everyone would want to pick up a physical game with their system. Breath of the Wild is the title that new owners bought most often with their consoles, according to GameStop.

Another good reason: The Switch doesn’t have a ton of storage space, and Breath of the Wild made headlines with the amount of gigabytes a digital copy takes up. The console is capped at 32 GB of memory, and Breath of the Wild requires 13.4 GB of that. Bigger titles like this aren’t the most attractive downloads, clearly.

The indies populating the list are much, much smaller downloads. We don’t have hard sales data on any of these games; the eShop section is based off the last two weeks of sales. A Switch launch title, Snipperclips’ strong sales are impressive; it’s the most downloaded eShop title the North American, Japanese and U.K. storefronts.

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