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Breath of the Wild’s smartest invention lets you fly over the entire map in 10 minutes

A new way to glide across the whole map

We’ve seen players concoct some fantastic ways to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. YouTuber mety333 has devised one of our new favorites, putting both the paraglider and the Magnesis rune to some great use.

The video shows off what mety333 calls the “ultimate flying method.” It’s a flying machine of sorts, combining a dilapidated block with a discarded piece of woodworking to make one heck of a ride.

The way this works is that the player controls the magnetized bottom half with Magnesis, launching it way high into the air. Mety333 goes as high as he could possibly go, hitting the game’s invisible ceiling above Death Mountain ... and then he sends Link jumping right back into the air, paragliding his way all the way back down.

With the use of some extra stamina boosts and potions, Link can paraglide across the entire expanse of Hyrule. Unlike other intrepid paragliding flights, this one only lasts about nine minutes — this is some seriously good use of items, folks.

There’s something so soothing about watching Link soar across Hyrule, and concocting this flying machine seems like the most perfect way to waste time in Breath of the Wild.

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