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Streamers are streaming Persona 5 despite threats of bans from Atlus

Proceed at your own risk

persona 5 Atlus

Despite publisher Atlus announcing yesterday it would take action against Persona 5 players who uploaded or streamed certain parts of the game, people are doing just that.

On YouTube and Twitch, searches for Persona 5 result in a number of streamers playing through the game, clearly disobeying Atlus’ guidelines. The developer stated in a blog post that people could stream or upload videos of gameplay as long as it didn’t surpass the 7/7 mark in the game. Failure to abide by the rules could result in bans for players, which has led to many of the streamers naming their streams absolutely ridiculous titles.


Players have also discovered ways to get around streaming past the 7/7 mark. Admiral Bahoo, one of the more notable streamers, tweeted out a video containing the method of streaming beyond what Atlus has allowed. The clip, naturally, does contain spoilers for parts of Persona 5.

Players are well aware of the potential consequences their actions hold, but many people have spoken out about not caring. On Twitter, streamers and YouTubers tweeted their disappointment with Atlus’ decision.

The decision from Atlus has drawn some debate among developers who either agree or disagree with the decision. In Polygon’s opinion piece on the issue, we admonished the developer for trying to regulate how players enjoy the game.

“Playing whack-a-mole with YouTubers who don’t abide by these ridiculous rules, letting them share some experiences but not others, reeks of a micromanagement so tightfisted that it inspires miscreants to stream as much of the game as they can, showing the middle finger to Atlus the whole way,” we wrote.

Persona 5 is currently available to play on either PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4. If you’re looking to stream, be sure to check out Atlus’ guidelines beforehand.