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Xbox Scorpio will improve the performance of every Xbox One game

You’re going to want to upgrade

Project Scorpio Microsoft

Project Scorpio will run every game that is currently compatible with your existing Xbox One ... including Xbox 360 games that are backward compatible, reports Digital Foundry. That’s good news. The even better news is that the new system will improve performance on all your games.

"According to the Xbox hardware team, your existing library of games should run smoother, look better and load faster," Digital Foundry is reporting.

The Scorpio isn’t an existing Xbox One with more powerful hardware; it’s a complete overhaul of the system architecture. That makes this sort of backward compatibility much harder, while allowing for much greater gains in existing games.

"Here, it's down to the platform holder to take ownership of compatibility issues, but the advantage is this: unlike PS4's boost mode, Scorpio theoretically allows for the full power of the new console to be deployed on older games," Digital Foundry writes.

Games will run closer to their target frame rate with fewer dips, games with dynamic resolution scaling will be running at much higher resolutions, texture filtering will be improved, you’ll be able to capture video at 4K running at 60 frames per second and games will load faster.

These benefits will come to games you already own as well as games that are in development now, making the Scorpio a powerful upgrade to your existing Xbox One.

Microsoft is promising that all games will work, although some of these features may cause trouble in some titles; it’s Microsoft’s job to make sure every game takes advantage of the applicable updates to ensure the best experience.

"We're going to be the ones that ensure that your games run as fast as they can in terms of all those five different features, the best that they possibly can," Microsoft’s Andrew Goossen told Digital Foundry. "There will be some cases where we have to dial down some of those attributes... in some games we potentially have to dial down the number of CUs, for example, to maintain compatibility with that title. But again these are all things that Microsoft does, we've always done, that's true of all 360 titles on Xbox One. We just make sure it runs the best it possibly can on Scorpio and we're very excited that Scorpio really will be the best place to run all your Xbox content."

Digital Foundry’s report has many more details about what each update will mean for games that can support them, and this seems like a much bigger improvement to existing games than we saw in the jump from the PlayStation 4 to the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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