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Dark Souls-inspired The Surge shows off a promising loot mechanic

This game could have legs. And arms. Some torsos as well.

The Surge has a new trailer out today showing off its looting mechanic as well as some detailed in-game footage. If you were put off by the team at Deck13 so explicitly aping the Dark Souls franchise, it might be time to take a second look.

This new video of the action role-playing game in action shows an interesting take on hardcore melee combat. Called “Target, Loot and Equip,” it shows the main character sizing up opponents in advance, pinpointing which of their limbs they want to take home with them. Then, in the final moments of combat, they decisively sever their prize and carry it away.

“The Surge’s combat system lets you target enemies’ specific body parts before damaging them,” writes creative director Jan Klose. “The resulting dismembered part then determines what piece of equipment is looted. This might be the schematic for the sliced armor part, salvaged materials for crafting the corresponding piece, or even the weapon wielded by the enemy!”

Enemies will have weak points, and aiming for them will allow skilled players to make quick work of low-level adversaries. By targeting hardened locations, be that a bit or armor or a weapon, fights will be longer and more brutal. The rewards will also be higher.

“Balancing risk and reward is core to succeeding in The Surge,” Klose said, “but we’ve ensured that bold players will be rewarded well!” The final moments of the trailer shows a half-dozen completely different character builds, including players kitted out with massive energy weapons, bulky armor and short-range claws.

The Surge arrives on May 16 for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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