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Persona 5 moves 1.5M copies, days after worldwide release

That’s a huge number for this once-niche RPG series

persona 5 Atlus

It seems like years of waiting around for Persona 5 has done some good for the highly acclaimed role-playing game. Atlus announced that the game has shipped 1.5 million copies worldwide, only a few days after its launch in North America and Europe.

It’s important to remember the distinction between shipped and sold, but this is still a milestone for the Persona franchise. Atlus didn’t say how many of these copies went to North America and Europe specifically, but Persona 5 reached 550,000 copies shipped in Japan alone back in October. The game launched there on Sept. 15.

Putting Persona 5’s worldwide shipment figure into perspective makes it more impressive. Atlus reported in December 2013 that it had shipped more than 700,000 copies of Persona 4 Golden, making it the biggest title in the Persona franchise at that time. The game first launched in Japan in early 2012, coming to North America later that year and Europe the following spring.

Persona 5 already became the series’ fastest-selling game when it sold nearly 340,000 copies within its first three days at retail in Japan. With strong reviews on both sides of the ocean and months of mounting interest, it looks like Persona 5 will continue to increase the RPG franchise’s profile.