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Monster Factory: Sweeps Week improves your favorite TV sitcom families


This is a very special episode of Monster Factory. It’s the beginning of a new miniseries we’re deploying from within The Sims 4 — one of our very first stomping grounds. In the grand tradition of My Two Dads², we’ve replaced the inhabitants of an entire town with some of your favorite TV sitcom families, all of whom got chewed up and spit out by the collection of mods we have installed in the game.

At last, our wildest TV dreams and darkest, most sensual TV fantasies can come to fruition — what if Frasier Crane and Ray Romano were mortal enemies? What if the youngest brother on Home Improvement was a cybernetic being, and Joey from Friends was literally an angel?

We’ll be testing out those possibilities and more in Sweeps Week; today, though, we’re turning our revolutionary vision toward two timeless sitcom classics: Perfect Strangers and Family Matters.

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