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Far Cry 4 chief quits Ubisoft for new venture

Alex Hutchinson teams up with former co-worker to launch Typhoon Studios

Image: Ubisoft

Alex Hutchinson, best known for his work as creative director on Far Cry 4 and Assassin's Creed 3, has quit Ubisoft to set up a new development house.

Posting on Twitter today, Hutchinson wrote that he has "left Ubisoft after seven years. Extremely proud of all we achieved on Far Cry and Assassin’s but very excited to build something new."

His new outfit is called Typhoon Studios, which he has set up alongside former EA executive producer Reid Schneider. The company is based in Montreal. Hutchinson and Schneider worked at Electronic Arts at roughly the same time in the last decade.

There's no information yet on what Typhoon is working on. "Probably won't have much to announce in the near future as we hire, build our studio, buy a coffee machine and build Ikea furniture," tweeted Hutchinson, as reported by Gamasutra. "But we are hard at work imagining a brand new world."

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