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Uniqlo’s getting some hot Nintendo shirts, thanks to fans (update)

The contest winners have been crowned

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The winners of Nintendo and Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo’s t-shirt design contest have been crowned, with a selection of stellar shirts hitting stores later this month.

Designs inspired by Mario, Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Star Fox and other iconic franchises will go on sale at Japanese Uniqlo locations beginning May 19.

Take a look at the grand prize winner, for example. Designed by a Japanese Mario superfan, it’s a classy shirt based on the plumber’s old-school NES look.


Second and third place went to these Splatoon and The Legend of Zelda designs, respectively; while the Zelda shirt will only come in kids’ sizes, we’ll probably be picking up the Splatoon tee:


Uniqlo and Nintendo awarded the top three with some hefty prizes, beyond just putting their designs in stores. The first-place designer will receive $10,000 and a Nintendo Switch signed by Shigeru Miyamoto. Second-place gets a signed Switch alongside $3,000, while the third-place winner gets $500.

There are plenty of other Nintendo shirts heading to Uniqlo thanks to the contest, even if these designs aren’t prize-winning.

We love this Mario and Luigi-inspired design — check out how smart this pocket is!


The pocket of this Donkey Kong shirt is also really, really creative:


Please give us this Pokémon shirt, stat. (It’s got the first-generation fat Pikachu all over it!)


Hey, Metroid fans — Nintendo hasn’t totally forgotten about you:


We have at least one person on staff who’s bummed that this adorable Boo shirt is only available in a feminine cut, but to that, we say: gendered clothing be damned; this shirt is rad:


Update: The Nintendo collection is set to go on sale in Western locations starting May 19. The English-language Uniqlo site also has full details on the names and origins of each design’s creator.

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