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Kingdom Hearts speedrunner suffers a crushing defeat

Glitches + RPGs = the worst

Prelude to the worst moment for an RPG player.

Despite experiencing the absolute worst thing that can happen to someone playing a lengthy role-playing game live on Twitch, streamer Bl00dyBizkitz handles this botched Kingdom Hearts 2 speedrun remarkably well.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix on PlayStation 4 is known to have the occasional glitch, including one that can cause the game to crash at the most inopportune moments. This is the perfect example of one: Bl00dyBizkitz nearly got to the nine-hour mark of his Kingdom Hearts 2 playthrough when he finally went to go save his game.

There’s a reason he waited so long. Typically in a Kingdom Hearts 2 speedrun, players don’t save the game at all. During this particular attempt, the streamer chose to save just before the last cutscene, due to its tendency to crash.

But everything went downhill right then, when trying to save the game sent him back to his PS4’s home menu. That means all of that progress — that eight-and-a-half-hour, nearly complete playthrough — was lost for good.

Just thinking about losing all of that progress is painful, yet Bl00dyBizkitz doesn’t fly into a fit of rage, as we likely would have. Instead, he ... buries his face in his hands, as the Twitch users in the chat cry over what happened.

Glitches are bad. Glitches in RPGs? The worst.

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