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Pokémon Stars rumors fly after new merch seems to drop a hint

This merch tells us to “look upon the stars” ... curious

look upon the stars The Pokémon Company

The Japanese Pokémon Center is adding a new line of merchandise inspired by Cosmog, one of the starring legendary monsters in Pokémon Sun and Moon. The “Look Upon the Stars” collection is a perfect fit for the starry-eyed Pokémon — but many fans also see it as an obvious nod toward the rumored Pokémon Stars, the 3DS games’ follow-up.

Pokémon Stars first entered the lexicon in November, right around Sun and Moon’s launch. Eurogamer reported that a director’s cut version of the 3DS games by that name would be heading to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2017. We have neither seen nor heard anything more about the rumored project since then, but fans are taking the series of Pokémon items inspired by the stars (get it?) as a telltale sign.

Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips helped lead the skeptical charge, lifting an eyebrow at the seemingly innocuous merch. The tweets filled with thinking-face emoji haven’t stopped since, even if not everyone is so convinced that Pokémon Stars on Switch is a surefire bet.

All of that speculation aside, the “Look Upon the Stars” line is pretty cute. Out later this month, it includes a plush Cosmog, as well as a bag inspired by Pokémon Sun and Moon hero Lillie, who owns a Cosmog named Nebby — so now Pokémon fans and Lillie cosplayers can try to get their own Nebby to stay inside of the bag.

We can’t wait to see a ton of Lillie cosplayers with this at the next convention we go to.
The Pokémon Company