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Overwatch’s cutest voice line was a recording booth accident

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry (we’re not sorry)

Overwatch Blizzard Entertainment

One of the most beloved voice lines in Overwatch wasn’t scripted. During the first Tribeca Games Festival this weekend, senior game designer Michael Chu took credit for putting Mei’s rapid-fire string of apologies into the game, after a recording booth mistake was caught on tape.

“The actress [Zhang Yu] just made a mistake and was saying ‘Sorry, sorry, sorry,’” Chu told the crowd at Tribeca Games Festival, when asked what his favorite voice line in Overwatch was. “And I turned to the engineer and asked, ‘Did you get that?’ And he was like, ‘Yep,’ and I was like, ‘Send that to me.’”

Thus one of the most popular lines in the game was born. Mei’s quartet of “Sorry” is often heard throughout Overwatch matches, both ironically and out of true apologetic intent. Players can choose to make Mei say it whenever they see fit — even if that means apologizing after very intentionally deploying an Ice Wall.

Even if the team at Blizzard Entertainment didn’t write it for her, it speaks directly to Mei’s character: a little bit bashful, but totally powerful.

Listen to her apologize to your heart’s content below:

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