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Supercool Dad is back to reenact Overwatch’s emotes with an electric weedwhacker

I wish my dad loved me this much

Awwww, jeah, the Swiffer and the retractable dog leashes are back, ladies and gentlemen, as Nick Luciano's Dad (TM) films another video where he imitates a popular multiplayer game's taunts and emotes.

This time, Nick's pops is doing Overwatch's emotes, which means an electric weedwhacker, a uhm, some kind of ice-scraper thing, some vacuum cleaner attachments, a dustbuster and, yet again, the Swiffer, serve as props.

In the past Nick's dad has done Final Fantasy VII summons:

Street Fighter 2 Turbo victory poses:

Bayonetta's taunts from Super Smash Bros.:

and everyone else's too:

This is beyond "Being a good sport." Nick's Dad is awesome. But, uh, try not to upstage Mother's Day next time, though.

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