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Climbing towers in Breath of the Wild is way more stylish with this trick

A flying tree? This game has it all

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild screenshot gallery Nintendo

There’s something amazing about how, more than two months after launch, players continue to find new, spellbinding tricks in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This new one was discovered by a Japanese Twitter user, and we wish we’d thought of it before ascending all of the game’s very tall lookout towers.

The gist of user kfurumiya’s brilliant Breath of the Wild hack is that it combines Link’s rune powers with the world around him — in this case, a chopped-down tree — to make a flying machine. Cutting down the tree and letting it fall on top of a bomb are the first steps. Then, the player must use the stasis power on the hunk of wood, freezing it in place while Link beats down on it with his weapon. When the timer runs out, the bomb goes off — and a well-placed Link is sent careening into space.

This is less a flying machine, and more a simple boost into space. The extra boost gives Link an easy path to glide right onto the top of a nearby tower, which is especially helpful for ones that are guarded by death traps. Cool as it would be to actually steer the tree across Hyrule, we’re into kfurumiya’s crafty creation as is.

This is one of the most clever Breath of the Wild hacks we’ve seen, although it doesn’t quite top another, similar invention: a flying machine that actually does let Link cruise over the entirety of the world in no time at all. Check that out below.

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