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Tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct is all about Arms

With some bonus Splatoon 2 action!

Arms - Ribbon Girl Nintendo

A Nintendo Direct presentation will air tomorrow at 3 p.m. PT, bringing new details about the upcoming Nintendo Switch game Arms.

Dubbed an “Arms Direct,” this may be the last batch of new details we get about the game before it launches. The unique fighting game, a new property for Nintendo, will launch on June 16. It’s the next big title heading to Nintendo Switch, although its arrival at the tail-end of E3 2017 means we may have plenty more exclusives to be excited about by the time Arms arrives.

Another Nintendo Switch series will make a special appearance at the end of the Arms Direct. Nintendo will debut a new trailer for Splatoon 2 at the very end of the presentation, according to a press release. Splatoon 2 hits Nintendo Switch on July 21, and will include local multiplayer and a horde-style mode, both new features for the series.

To watch the Arms Direct tomorrow afternoon, check in with us at Polygon. You’ll be able to watch it live with us right here; we’ll have the stream embedded above.

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