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Squirtle is the next Pokémon headed to Build-A-Bear Workshop

Slick sunglasses not included

squirtle squad The Pokémon Company

Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Pokémon collection is expanding once more. Squirtle, the second-best member of the original starters, will be available online and in stores starting June 1.

Squirtle will come in two separate sets. The online-only package includes a pre-stuffed plush, a sound chip filled with Squirtle sounds, a raincoat (a curious choice for a water-type Pokémon), a hoodie inspired by an Ultra Ball and an exclusive Pokémon card. This bundle will cost $60 on the Build-A-Bear website. The raincoat and sound chip are only included with the web exclusive — and that raincoat is pretty dang cute:

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Stuffed Pokémon fans who want to build their own Squirtle can do so at any of the Workshop’s retail locations beginning in June. These will also come with the special Pokémon card and cost $28. Check out some shots of Squirtle below.

Squirtle is the fourth Pokémon to be available at Build-A-Bear Workshop. Pikachu inaugurated the growing line in late 2015, followed by Eevee and, our personal favorite, Charmander. We eagerly await a Bulbasaur Build-A-Bear to round out the collection, although we’re skeptical that the grass-type Pokémon would really be all that huggable.

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