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Jimmy Fallon, please let us buy you a Nintendo Switch case

The Tonight Show host should know better

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jimmy fallon
Jimmy Fallon (left) with Reggies Fils-Aime on The Tonight Show in December, two months after the Switch was revealed.

Jimmy Fallon’s got a big profile in The New York Times today, and it’s a good read. The focus is on how The Tonight Show’s ratings have slipped since he interviewed then-presidential candidate Donald Trump on the program, an aw-shucks segment that garnered widespread criticism.

But we’re not here to further adjudicate Fallon for the ill-received Trump interview. We’re instead putting him on trial for something else highlighted in the Times piece: How does a video game nerd like Fallon not know how to take care of his Nintendo Switch?

Photos serve to illustrate a typical day at the office for Fallon, and there’s one in particular that struck us. He gave The New York Times a peek inside his briefcase, which doesn’t look that different from our own bags’ contents. There’s a notebook, some file folders ... and a Nintendo Switch with neon Joy-Con controllers, alongside some games and accessories.

A briefcase does not count as a console carrying case, Fallon.
Bryan Derballa/The New York Times

We shouldn’t be surprised that Fallon has a Switch that he carries around on the regular. He had the honor of debuting the console on late-night TV late last year, bringing Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to the show to walk him through some The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And we’re not surprised, not really — what we are is disappointed.

Why does Fallon keep his Switch loose inside his briefcase? That’s a no-no for an expensive piece of hardware, especially one that’s attracted some concerns about scratches and other issues. He went so far as to purchase a separate play stand for the console — we’re pretty sure it’s a collapsible one made by Hori — but failed to pick up a carrying case in the process.

We’re confused by Fallon’s priorities here. Also confusing is that, among the physical collection of Switch games he keeps in his briefcase, 1-2-Switch appears to be his most easily accessible. The maligned minigame collection has a shelf life of about two hours, and with a copy of the excellent multiplayer game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe also tucked inside his bag, we wonder why 1-2-Switch still occupies any space at all. (He’s also got Breath of the Wild in there, for good measure.)

Besides, the article makes it sound like Fallon spends much of his downtime at the office playing party games on other consoles.

Late one evening, Mr. Fallon was in his sixth-floor corner office at NBC’s Rockefeller Center headquarters. The room was lit by the neon of the Radio City Music Hall sign while he played a party game on his PlayStation 4 with several of his writers.

(Our bet — and hope — is that he fired up some good old Jackbox Party Pack with his writing team.)

A portable console is a precious thing, and Fallon’s disrespect of the Switch’s delicate body baffles us. There are plenty of sturdy, slim fit Nintendo Switch carrying cases out there. Please, Jimmy: Do the right thing and buy one.

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