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Overwatch’s director reveals heroes’ favorite pizza topping, among other big questions

Welcome to “Tech Support” with Jeff Kaplan

Game director Jeff Kaplan is as much the face of Overwatch as its characters, a fact that a new video from Wired makes clear. A new, 20-minute video hosted by Kaplan has him playing “tech support,” answering a slew of questions from fans, no matter how silly.

Kaplan’s known for his relative accessibility, often responding to Overwatch players directly on Twitter and the forums — not to mention his beloved developer update videos. Think of this video as a live-action, lengthier version of those frequent forum posts; Kaplan responds to questions like “Why is competitive play based on winning and losing instead of individual skill?” and “Why is Reaper just standing there creeping on a family in the shadows like a fifteen-year-old goth?”

To his credit, Kaplan doesn’t believe in bad or silly questions. He gives thoughtful responses to each and every Twitter-sourced inquiry, telling the user who asked about competitive play that a win-loss rate is a better gauge of success, and that Reaper’s backstory will be further explored in coming updates.

Among other topics discussed: whether Overwatch will come to Mac; what “Toblestein” is; how he feels about the players like to reinvent the characters; how to get your roommate off the shared PlayStation 4 so you can play more Overwatch, and other common questions.

Although he goes more in-depth on his answers in the video, Kaplan set up a Twitter account to directly respond to these questions as well. An Overwatch Support profile run by Kaplan now serves as an archive for his brief “Tech Support” stint, so fans can browse there for answers on some common questions.

The video is still worth the watch for Kaplan’s full responses, though — especially for his reveal that the only thing the Overwatch cast has in common is they love pineapple on pizza. In fact, that’s the only topping they’re down for.

Hopefully that unpopular choice isn’t a huge turnoff for fans. We look forward to how YouTube user dinoflask, whose claim to fame is mashing up Kaplan’s various video appearances into bizarre, hilarious videos, mines this one for his next piece.

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