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Three new Arms fighters join the fray

Who’s your pick?

Arms - Kid Cobra dunking
Kid Cobra dunks an opponent in a game of Hoops, one of the gametypes available in Arms.
Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

The roster for Arms, the 3D fighting game coming to Nintendo Switch in a month, is now 10 characters strong — three new fighters were revealed today during a Nintendo Direct presentation.

First up is the movie star Twintelle, whose “arms” come not out of her shoulders, but her head. The springs that lead to the fists at the end of these powerful appendages take the form of silver and pink hair. Twintelle wears stiletto heels with sneaker soles and black leather pants. She seems like the Bayonetta of Arms, and she has a neat special ability: While she charges up, opponents’ attacks are slowed.

Arms - Twintelle art
Meet Twintelle.
Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Next we’ve got Kid Cobra, who appears to be wearing parachute pants and — in this particular snapshot — doing a breakdancing move. He can slither along the ground, and one of his default fists, Hydra, sends three vertically aligned bullets toward foes. The Slamamander fist also helps him maneuver, allowing him to slide sideways.

Arms - Kid Cobra art
What is Kid Cobra hiding behind that mask?
Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Finally, Nintendo introduced Byte & Barq, a combination of a blue robot and his dog-faced robot buddy. Barq will attack opponents on his own, but Byte can also use his pet robot to launch himself into the air. In addition, the pair can team up for a special attack. One of Byte’s default fists, Seekie, attacks enemies with heat-seeking missiles.

Arms - Byte & Barq art
Take a wild guess at which is which.
Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Arms will be released June 16 on Nintendo Switch. For more details, you can read about some of its other characters. For more, you can check out a gameplay video of Twintelle below.

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