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Arms’ new game modes are a weird take on classic sports

Throw your opponents through a basketball hoop, and more

Arms - Ribbon Girl Nintendo

You didn’t think Arms would just a simple fighting game, did you?

Nintendo’s Switch-exclusive flexible-armed fighter will roll out several different game modes, beyond the one-on-one, split-screen main mode demoed when the game was announced in January. Nintendo laid them out during an Arms-specific Nintendo Direct today.

Most of the game modes had a cooperative element, like Team Fight, where you’re tethered to your opponent with a piece of string. The most deadly part of Team Fight seems to be that friendly fire is on, so you’ll need to watch out with those wild, swinging projectiles.

Nintendo Direct 5/17/17 - Arms allies tethered together Nintendo

The V-Ball and Hoops modes are weird twists on sporting events you know. In V-Ball, your “volleyball” is actually an explosive charge, and you need to keep it on your opponent’s side of the net at all costs. In Hoops, there’s no ball at all; your opponents are the ones you’ll send through the net.

Nintendo Direct 5/17/17 - Arms V-Ball Nintendo

In Skillshot, a single-player mode, you’re tasked with breaking targets with precision. 1-on-100 is a horde mode, with waves of enemies coming toward a single combatant.

There are also solo modes, like Arms Test, where you can try out the powers of each arm, and a training mode.

Those looking to play online with their friends in Party Match, where up 10 Switch systems supporting 20 players can connect in lobbies. In those lobbies, four players can battle it out in two-on-two versus matches. There are also ranked matches, where players fight one-on-one across the world.

Arms is out June 16 for the Nintendo Switch. There will be two demo “testpunch” sessions before launch, one May 26-28, and the other June 2-4, where players can test out the game’s online functionality for free.

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