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Arms already has its fan favorite in movie star Twintelle

Hair. For. Days

Arms - Twintelle art Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Arms has steadily built up a fanbase since Nintendo first showed it off in January, thanks to its charming cast of characters. Now that more of the roster has been revealed prior to its June release, players have already come to a consensus on who’s the best of them all: It’s Twintelle, the powerful A-lister whose curly hair doubles as a weapon.

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct introduced Twintelle and her fisti-curls arsenal (we’re so sorry for that one). She immediately stood out from the rest of the group — look at those leather pants! Those stilettos! That limousine that dropped her off to her fight! That she uses her long hair to fight off opponents was just icing on the cake.

Twintelle’s the definition of “tall, dark and handsome,” and it’s no surprise that viewers fell in love with her within moments. For those already excited about Arms, she was the obvious new favorite; Twintelle helped tip anyone else who was on the fence about this new, gadget-based fighting game toward becoming obsessed with it.

Twitter is filled with Twintelle fan art already, along with Nintendo fans starstruck by the calm, collected fighter:

Twintelle is the most striking member of the group, for sure, but we’re in love with the entire Arms cast thus far ... except for that slimy dude Helix.

The game’s out on June 16, but a free multiplayer beta will go live on Nintendo Switch for two consecutive weekends. The first one kicks off May 26.

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