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Thumper heats up Nintendo Switch eShop this week

The rhythmic, hellish highlight

thumper (PS on flickr) Drool

The Nintendo Switch eShop updated with a cult favorite today: Thumper is now available to purchase. The intense, visceral rhythm game experience is the clear highlight of this week’s otherwise light eShop update.

Thumper became known last fall for its unique combination of rhythm-based gameplay and aesthetic-heavy action. The game stars a space beetle attempting to break out of a high-speed, extremely dangerous void. As developer Drool puts it: “To reach synthestic bliss, you must survive rhythm hell.”

The $19.99 eShop download is the Nintendo Switch’s most notable new release this week. There’s also another rhythm game on sale today, called Dark Switch Music Episode: Rudymical. Rudymical is a hack-and-slash adventure game that has players tapping buttons rhythmically to avoid death. It’s on sale for $7.99.

Rounding out the new games on Nintendo Switch this week is an oldie. A port of the NeoGeo game Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors, a fighting game originally released in 1995, costs $7.99.

Below, check out some gameplay from the original release of Thumper on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

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