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Watch Destiny 2’s new cinematic trailers (update)

Feast your eyes

Bungie debuted two new trailers for Destiny 2, shown during a livestream reveal of its first gameplay footage.

The cinematic trailer above reintroduces us to the world of Destiny. It’s a new, gorgeous look at the hotly anticipated sequel, which Bungie finally announced at the end of March. The focus this time around is on Commander Zavala, who plays an important role in Destiny 2’s storyline.

Bungie showed off the opening mission for Destiny 2 later on during the stream, which helps to further set the story for Destiny 2. The game takes place on a more vulnerable Earth, following the first game.

"If the giant burning 2 isn't enough of a clue, spoilers, we lose,” said writer Luke Smith during the event. “We're defeated in our backyard. Earth's last safe city is safe no more.

“In one fell swoop players will lose their powers, they'll lose their homes, and maybe saddest of all they'll lose their vaults. And it's all taken by Dominos Ghaul."

Ghaul is the villain of Destiny 2, who commands his troops to destroy Earth. As seen during the event, the campaign will also heavily feature cinematics, as seen during the first mission. Watch that trailer below.

Destiny 2 will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, for the first time, Windows PC on Sept. 8. We’ll have more coverage from the big event — including the gameplay reveal — here on Polygon, so stay tuned.

Update: The second cinematic trailer, this time focusing on gameplay, is below.

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