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Destiny 2 on PC might trail behind the console versions

But it will support 4K and uncapped framerate when it comes to PC

Destiny 2 - Crucible screenshot Bungie/Activision
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The Windows PC version of Destiny 2 will support resolutions up to 4K and ship with an unlocked framerate, according to publisher Activision. But it’s starting to sound like Destiny 2 might not hit PC the same day that Bungie’s shooter is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In a fact sheet released by Activision today, the publisher said the Windows PC version of Destiny 2 is being developed with full keyboard and mouse support, with custom key mapping; adjustable field of view settings; 21:9 monitor support; and resolution up to 3840x2160.

Bungie and Activision revealed earlier today that the game will also run on Blizzard’s platform, a decision that will help get Destiny 2 in the hands on PC players faster, Blizzard said.

But it’s not exactly clear when the PC version of Destiny 2 will ship. Activision’s press release makes it sound like it might not ship on Sept. 8, the previously announced release date for the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Here’s what Activision said:

In September, Destiny 2 will be available on PlayStation 4 systems with additional, timed exclusive content, and Xbox One (PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription, respectively, required for significant features). Additionally, Destiny 2 will be available on PC at retail and as the first third-party game to be offered digitally via, Blizzard Entertainment's online gaming service.

Blizzard was similarly noncommittal in its language discussing the Destiny 2 PC release date. From Blizzard’s FAQ:

Where and when will Destiny 2 on PC be available?

We’re excited to work with Bungie to bring the PC version of Destiny 2 to every region Blizzard currently operates in. Bungie is actively working through the global details. We look forward to sharing additional information later this year.

When reached for comment, a spokesperson for Activision provided the following statement:

Destiny 2 is shipping on September 8th, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. We will have details later about the PC ship date on Blizzard Entertainment's

While we wait for a firm release date for the PC version of Destiny 2, here are a pair of 4K resolution screenshots of the game to look at.

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