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J.K. Rowling has apologized for killing Professor Snape 10 years later

Sorry about that

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It’s almost been 10 years since author J.K. Rowling ended her most famous wizarding story, and now the author is apologizing for one of the most heartbreaking deaths.

It was during the Battle of Hogwarts, which took place in the book exactly 19 years ago today, that Harry Potter held a dying Professor Snape in his arms and learned the truth about the divisive man’s role in the war against evil. For six books, Harry and his friends debated whether or not Snape was evil. By the end of the sixth book, when Harry watched Snape point his wand at the beloved headmaster and unleash a lethal spell, they were convinced he was a Death Eater at heart.

It was during that final moment, however, that Harry learned Snape only killed Dumbledore because the headmaster requested it. On top of that, Harry dicovered that Snape was intentionally cruel to his entire group of friends during their time at Hogwarts as a way to protect them from the Death Eaters and other ominous forces.

Snape died a hero in the eyes of many — with Harry naming his youngest son after the professor — and Rowling would like to offer her apologies to those who lost their favorite character.

The reaction to Rowling’s apology has been divided with some fans finding solace in the fact that their favorite character never should have died. Others, however, have asked Rowling to apologize for the other poor qualities Snape had as a professor, including his disrespect toward Harry’s mother, Lily, who he was infatuated with and the abusive behavior he directed toward Harry and his friends.

Rowling has used Twitter in the past as a way to openly apologize for other facets of the series she wish she had changed. She’s also tweeted out secrets about different houses, popular characters and other intentions she had for the series that never made it to print.

With the 10 year anniversary of the series’ end just a few months away, fans should expect a few more secrets to come out in the coming weeks.

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