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Overwatch ‘Uprising’ event extended after accidental early end

Get out there and get those loot boxes while you still can

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s latest special event, “Uprising,” was set to end in the late hours of May 1. When Blizzard Entertainment accidentally shut the whole thing down earlier than scheduled, it took players by surprise — so the developer has made up for it by keeping the campaign live longer than planned.

Players began to tip off the development team on Twitter around 8 p.m. ET last night, asking why “Uprising” had already gone offline. Although some early responses from the Overwatch account suggested that this was intentional, a post on several hours later said otherwise.

“Earlier this evening, our Overwatch Uprising event ended earlier than intended,” a community manager wrote on the forum just before midnight on May 1. “This was a mistake, and we've already re-enabled Uprising Loot Boxes as well as the ability to unlock Overwatch Uprising-themed cosmetics with credits on all platforms.”

In exchange for the inconvenience — which appears to have lasted just a few hours — the event will now wrap up at 8 p.m. ET today, May 2. Although it took Blizzard a few hours to get the accompanying King’s Row brawl up and working again, both that mode and loot boxes are now functional.

“Uprising” won special attention as Overwatch’s first lore-heavy seasonal event. The campaign is set seven years before the beginning of the game’s main modes, featuring younger versions of some of the most popular heroes who fought both for and against the Overwatch team.

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