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Students can now learn how to code directly in Minecraft

Code Builder extension hits Minecraft: Education Edition

The latest new feature in Minecraft: Education Edition makes it possible for students to learn how to code while playing the game.

Known as Code Builder, the feature is available today in beta for Minecraft: Education Edition. Code Builder is a tool that shows up in the game as a robot. Users can interact with the game through the robot via learn-to-code platforms such as Tynker, Scratch and MakeCode. In essence, they program actions that the robot performs.

“I can build a wall by making a for loop, and then that wall is going to show up in the game,” said Michelle Dauphiny Becker, executive producer on Minecraft, in a video about Code Builder.

The feature isn’t limited to those introductory platforms — Becker added that “you can go as far as you want with the tools that we provide in Code Builder.” For instance, people who know JavaScript can code directly in that language without the in-game robot, according to The Verge.

Minecraft: Education Edition is open to students, teachers and staff at K-12 schools, colleges, universities, libraries, museums and other qualifying institutions. It is available on Windows 10 and Mac OS.

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