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Report: Resident Evil movie franchise set to receive reboot

What was once thought dead lives again

resident evil milla jovovich

After releasing six Resident Evil movies over the course of 15 years, Screen Gems is looking to do it all over again.

Variety is reporting that Constantin Film, the studio behind the movies, is ready to reboot the series with a new installment. It’s unclear how the new movie would fit into the universe — or if it will — but the studio is ready to dive back in following the success of the last movie.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, which was released earlier this year, made more than $310 million at the worldwide box office. Like Pacific Rim or Kong: Skull Island, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter saw incredible success overseas, making more than $160 million in China alone. The Resident Evil franchise has earned more than $1.2 billion worldwide since its debut in 2002. It’s no surprise that Constantin Film would want to keep the franchise going, but Screen Gems, the distributor who has released all six previous movies, has not yet confirmed if it’s back on board.

Paul W.S. Anderson, who has written all six movies and directed four, hasn’t said if he will return for the new reboot. He’s currently working on an adaptation of Capcom’s popular franchise, Monster Hunter, which will be released either this year or the early next. The series’ main actor, Milla Jovovich, has also not yet confirmed if she will return.

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