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Hitman studio IO Interactive cuts down on staff

“We had to make some changes to our studio”

Hitman IO Interactive/Square Enix

The number of staff at Danish developer IO Interactive, best known for its work on the Hitman franchise, is dwindling. The studio confirmed on Twitter today that there have been layoffs in order to “be better equipped for our future adventures.”

“Today and IOI, we had to make some changes to our studio,” the tweet begins. The company went on to express its disappointment that “great talent and good friends will be leaving the studio. We are doing everything possible to look after everyone affected.”

IO Interactive didn’t disclose how many people it had let go of, although we’ve reached out for more information. The news comes just two weeks after Square Enix, its former parent company, announced that it was cutting ties with the studio. Square Enix is currently seeking out new investors for IO Interactive, but neither company has yet to announce anything on that front.

The most recently released game in the IO Interactive portfolio is Hitman, an episodic release that wrapped last fall. It received positive reviews over the course of its season run.

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