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Jinx is trying to replace your entire wardrobe with Overwatch swag

Including a Reaper sweatshirt that is supremely edgelord

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If your Overwatch fandom doesn’t stop after you’ve played for hours, posted your highlights to Reddit, hearted every Mei fan art on Tumblr and discussed Reyes’ mysterious backstory with your friends, then you can also dress the part. Jinx is going hard into Overwatch this year, with lots of clothing options that go beyond just t-shirts.

For the Overwatch one-year anniversary, the gaming clothing brand is launching a couple of sweet pieces of swag today: a Reaper fleece sweatshirt — complete with a massive, iconic skeleton face — and an Overwatch scarf with bold colorblocking.

Both these pieces join the company’s extensive line of lounge and activewear inspired by Blizzard’s mega-popular hero shooter. (And yes, there are still lots of staple T-shirts that feature your main characters.) You can check out some of the gear currently on sale in the gallery belo

But, if you really want to rep your favorite character, Jinx is launching character-specific, zip-up hoodies this summer and fall. In July, it will release a hot pink D.Va hoodie, complete with her bunny insignia on the chest. In September, that hoodie will be joined by six other character hoodies, for Genji, Lucio, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Widowmaker and Zarya. Those are also viewable below.

According to Jinx, the hoodies will be $59.99 each.

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