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Watch every Overwatch dance emote in action — and learn what they’re referencing

This may be our favorite thing the game’s ever done

Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating Overwatch’s first birthday by giving us, the players, all the best gifts. What we’re most loving are the dance emotes — they aren’t just fun to watch on repeat, but many of them are also cool homages to an array of rad moves from throughout history.

You can watch all of the dance emotes above, for starters. Once that’s done, check out the collection of tweets below for a peek at the iconic dances that many of these emotes are based on.

Each of these come courtesy of Dorkly’s Tristan Cooper, who’s proven himself to be great at cataloguing all the little things hidden in some of our favorite games. We’ve already taken a look at the inspiration for Mei’s emote — which comes straight out of one of our favorite anime — but other highlights include Junkrat’s, Winston’s and Reinhardt’s. Maybe we have a bias toward TV and movies, but c’mon — those are some classic references.

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