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Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer finds Peter Parker questioning everything he knows

He’s not as menacing as he needs to be

After teasing it on Twitter two days ago, the new trailer for Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming is here.

The trailer, which can be seen above, is the third major one the studio has released ahead of its debut. The most recent trailer before this one introduced a young Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, and his relationship with mentor-turned-father-figure Tony Stark. Although their friendship took up quite a bit of time in the last trailer, director Jon Watts confirmed that Iron Man doesn’t have as big of a presence in the movie as some may have assumed. Stark does appear quite often in the new trailer, but it also includes more scenes featuring Donald Glover’s character and Zendaya’s, the latter of whom we only got a glimpse of last time.

It was also recently announced that Holland would play a young Nathan Drake in Sony’s upcoming Uncharted movie. The entire direction of the film changed because of Holland’s performance in Homecoming, according to a report from Deadline. After seeing a final cut, Sony Pictures’ chief Tom Rothman decided it would be best for Holland to star in Uncharted. It’s based on a scene from Uncharted 3 and is being described as a “prequel to the treasure hunting action story line.”

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be released on July 7.

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