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More Mario and Rabbids RPG details hint at gameplay

Presentation slides reveal more about the rumored crossover

mario rabbids Ubisoft/Nintendo

Yesterday’s leak of the key art for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has led to more information about the still-unannounced Nintendo Switch turning up online. Nintendo World Report shared slides from an apparent Ubisoft presentation that give a sense of how this crossover role-playing game works.

Nintendo World Report credits an anonymous source for the images, which use a combination of new and similar art as the art posted on WWG yesterday. The first of the slides suggests that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will have a 65-35 balance of turn-based fighting and “exploration.”

details about mario + rabbids gameplay Ubisoft/Nintendo via Nintendo World Report

The game’s action will be weapons-based, as evident from the initial art leak, and each of the playable Mario and Raving Rabbids heroes will have a “unique playstyle.” Players should also look forward to a two-player co-op feature and a 20-hour story mode, according to the slides.

As for the exploration, there are “four world environments to discover” filled with Easter eggs and puzzles. Here’s the strangest part about this section of the game: The presentation suggests that players don’t actually take control of the Mario and Rabbids heroes while adventuring around the world. They instead direct them to where they need to go by using an original character named Tuttorio.

That part sounds a little odd, considering the emphasis on each hero’s signature style and personality. Take a look at this image, which defines how the eight playable characters are seen in the combined Mario and Rabbids universe:

the roster for mario + rabbids Ubisoft/Nintendo via Nintendo World Report

We never thought we’d see Peach referred to as a “badass” in a kid-friendly Nintendo game, or anyone dressed like Mario ever considered a “macho man.” But this is 2017, and a Mario-meets-the-Rabbids crossover is seemingly real, and nothing will ever be the same.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is expected to launch between August and September. We’ve reached out to Nintendo and Ubisoft about these leaked details, but the official reveal will most likely come at E3 2017 in June.

details about mario and rabbids Ubisoft/Nintendo via Nintendo World Report

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